It often seems the invisible is overlooked.

I’ve always enjoyed watching the flags unfurling in the civilizations I’ve created.

They reveal the unseen wind and give it form.

They parallel the fundamentals of creating civilizations.

Create a fabric, place it in a context and let force give it form.


Be particular when outlining what is sound.

It is a sophisticated process, which will define what is heard.

When I’ve done my best work creating civilizations silence floats just above everything. It is out of reach and so it can do no harm, nor ever be truly attained.


Tension and communication often go hand in hand. There is a back and forth, a listening and speaking. As the conversations grow within civilizations the commonalities build and the differences become subtle. When creating civilizations the differences are the great opportunities and the terrors.


Escalation and de-escalation are ideas that permeate all aspects of the civilizations I’ve created. Determining the exact points which define the tipping should be handled at the highest levels. Be vague if possible, the more flexible I have been the longer I’ve been able to maintain stability.


From a single second a civilization can emerge.

When I have been inspired in such a way I have felt the shape of the civilization I am creating with a certain sense of precision. However, I have learned that precision, though it seems singular, is the aligned balancing of infinite factors and the almost accidental glimpsing of that moment.

I’ve taught myself to pause at those moments and imagine all the aspects of the galaxies suspended. I hold that vision and then I progress.


The line between ideas and dreams should be the thinnest of veils. Drawn, yet translucent, it is that line that determines what is fantasy and what is possible.

As I have created my civilizations I have moved that line across the spectrum. When the line allows more ideas to be seen as dreams, stones are set. When more dreams are understood to be ideas, worlds take flight.


Remember currency is merely a medium. When creating civilizations I have found it best to nurture the expression. When this occurs a medium will emerge.

If not, the expression will fall still under the weight and whims may achieve a frightening hold.


The ancient and the future are entangled in all the civilizations I have created.

Both are unknown and hold the possibilities of discovery. I give hints to each, but let them remain deeply shrouded.
The body will strive to reach the future and the mind will dream to recall the past. They will entwine and feed each other.

Visions will arise and enrich the moments breaths are taken.


I have charted the realms of knowledge and instinct in the civilizations I’ve created.
Knowledge is earned and borrowed from the civilization, whereas instinct is something inherent in the core of being.
When outlining these forms I am generous, and careful not to claim too much. Each is a reflection emanating from the same source.

The greatest civilizations allow genius and truth to remain instinct and knowledge to simply be of assistance.


I was brought to my knees by forces unseen. 

While to all the world the rooms seemed still, they shook and trembled for me. 

Sitting dark with eyes covered a deeper stillness emerged and I glimpsed a new vista.

Whispers and thoughts of civilizations from some other plane took shape.

I listened as they were calmer than the rest.

I have been creating ever since.


Metamorphosis is essential in the civilizations I’ve created. Ideas intermingle and mix.

Disruptions are preferred as they reconfigure in ways that allow foundations to remain.

Destructions too will reconfigure, but they are precarious. 

Better viewed through storms than as options discussed.


I have mapped the roads and currents in land and sea and air. They expedite travels through the civilizations I have created. 

The dustings and diggings for the past will mark these as great monuments and milestones…highest achievements of engineering and intellect. 

As I chart these paths, I contemplate the journeys to be taken and the visions fulfilled, ephemeral and transient, they will define the true source of substance.


 Stillness is an illusion. A slender sliver of motion to be defined. 

How that concept is carved has far reaching implications. In it holds the line drawn for death and all forms of dynamics. 

In the civilizations I have created, change and motion are inextricable and stillness is simply an imagined degree.

Nevertheless its suggestion is instrumental. When a well defined stillness is perceived, the true motion of the universe and a sense of oneness is achieved.


In the civilizations I have created where electric fields feed man and machine

the meditations made are similar in form to those of the inscribing monastic orders.

Great halls filled with souls seated in silence with attention paid to the surface. 

The shimmer of letters and light hypnotize generations. 

I strive to infuse insight into these civilizations so technologies fulfill promises

and the sparks that set the motion don’t fade.


In wind and waves tangents are drawn.

Unseen lines and curves meet and whisper the forms of cities, gone and yet to come. 

Listen in ways that cause senses of sight.

See civilizations rise and fall between the willows. 

Distance the mind above the clouds.

Measure the heights and draw out the depths.

In the civilizations I have created I have studied the winds long before the grounds have been broken.

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